Solar Services

Solar Services

Residential Solar

Many homes across Colorado are still solely powered by electric grid energy suppliers. Rooftop solar power systems, however, present a new way to power the home. With solar power, system owners can generate their own electricity every day. This option provides an alternative to purchasing electricity through a utility company. Achieving energy independence has never been easier!

MH Electrical and Solar will designs and installs the best photovoltaic systems for your property and financial needs. We create custom solar designs for every customer, and every home. Our longstanding relationships with local electrical distributors allows us to offer our customers the most affordable solar solutions.

We are experts at navigating Colorado’s complex and changing landscape of solar permitting, and we maintain good working relationships with Colorado’s utility companies. The strong electrical background of our integrated sales, design and installation teams ensures that we install affordable, safe and efficient solar power systems.

Commercial Solar

MH Electrical and Solar is committed to helping you understand how solar can be a valuable investment for your business. We explain the financial benefits of commercial solar energy systems, including federal tax incentives that allow businesses to recoup about 50% of solar project costs within the first year!

What Makes MH Electrical and Solar Unique?

What Makes MH Electrical and Solar Unique?

Licensed, Experienced Electricians

Having worked in most cities and counties throughout the Front Range for nearly a decade, we have a proven track record of quality designs that set the standard among building departments and inspectors. In fact, numerous city and county building department staff throughout the region have chosen MH Electrical and Solar based on the caliber of our work. Our success in this regard is a testament to the skill of our affiliates; our owner, Matt Heenan is a licensed Electrical Contractor and Master Electrician in several states.

No Sub-Contractors

At the same time, our electricians and solar installers possess the experience and technical expertise that sets us apart from competitors who experience high employee turnover.  We believe that a solar technician should be able to demonstrate the entire system to you, including the reason for, and integrity of, every component. They should also be able to walk you through the panel location(s), conduit runs, and any disconnects or junction boxes that protect the architectural integrity of your home or business. 

For this reason, MH Electrical and Solar trains all of our own technicians, electricians and installation staff. Thus, the final product on the roof exceeds expectations because the entire project is coordinated by well-trained, in-house staff every step of the way. Seamless project execution is achieved in large part due to our high employee retention rate and by avoiding the need to employ third-party sub-contractors of various skill and experience levels.

Guaranteed Results

Like many electrical companies, MH Electrical offers alternative energy options to get you from grid dependence to solar energy independence. From the initial planning stages to the final installation, we will oversee your solar system project from start to finish, ensuring that your system aligns with your energy needs. Since we are an experienced provider of solar power systems, all of our work is backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee.

Building Our Network

In the final stage of a solar project, MH Electrical works with your local utility company to “flip the switch,” connecting your system to the grid. This coordination allows us to create and maintain strong working relationships with local utility companies. At the same time, our experience installing systems across the Front Range has put us in a good working relationship with parts distributors over the years. A byproduct of our strong solar networks is then passed on to our clients: we can offer the best deals to customers looking to get started with solar power.

Benefits of Using Solar Energy to Power a Home or Business

Benefits of Using Solar Energy to Power a Home or Business

Financial Incentives for Going Solar in Colorado

The turn toward solar power is becoming increasingly beneficial, as electric grid energy suppliers continue to raise their rates. In Colorado, the per-watt cost of solar-powered electricity can be as little as 1/3rd of the cost of grid power. This means that system owners can net substantial savings every month, maintaining their homes at an affordable price.  

In addition to saving money on the electricity bill, system owners can also expect to receive: 

  • Tax deductions for solar panel installation 
    The investment tax credit (ITC) grants a 26% deduction on the cost of solar panel installation. This federal tax deduction applies to both residential and commercial solar panel systems. 
  • An increase in home or property value
    Installing solar panels drives the value of a home or commercial property up. This grants property owners financial leverage and increased property resale values. 
  • Predictable electricity rates over the long-term  
    Solar panel systems allow their owners to lock in savings now. As prices for grid electricity continue to fluctuate, solar power can mitigate grid electricity costs.

Environmental Incentives for Going Solar in Colorado

At the same time, the use of solar power systems reduces one’s carbon footprint. While in use, these systems offset tons of carbon dioxide emissions over the years. Further, reducing the amount of fossil fuels burned improves air quality. For many system owners, these positive environmental impacts are the biggest motivating factors for going solar. 

Learn More About Solar Energy With MH Electrical and Solar

Solar is an amazing product that has very little maintenance while producing measurable long-term energy output. All systems are not created or designed equally and need to be done to match our extreme environment, as well as the aesthetics and desired financial return. 

We encourage multiple bids and support comparisons. Taking on solar power is a long-term investment and addition to your home, making it worthy of a thorough study. In the end, we are confident in our systems and our holistic approach to energy solutions and trust you will come to the same conclusion. 

To learn more about how solar power works and our installation process follow the link below. 



Should I convert my home's power system from electricity to solar?

Solar power is a renewable resource that will never run out, and will ultimately save you money in the long run. Once solar panels are installed, they create no noise or air pollution and are low maintenance.  And, while solar panels require a significant initial investment, they are a cost-effective, long-term solution for sustainable energy production. Call the solar experts at MH Electrical and Solar for a free solar consultation!

Why go solar with MH Electrical and Solar?

MH Electrical and Solar is a turnkey solar installer with unique large-scale connections that result in high-quality solar equipment at a low cost, but also with small-town service and attention to detail. We care more about educating our folks on the benefits of solar energy and how it could work for them rather than closing the sale. In fact, we often recommend to customers that they get a variety of solar quotes and options. In the end, our in-house team is full of solar experts and licensed electricians that are unmatched by any other local solar installer.

How many solar panels will my home need?

PV systems can be designed to generate the majority of the electricity used in your home, or just a portion of it. It all depends on your goals for going solar and the level of financial investment you want to make.

The size of your solar system depends on a number of factors:

  • How much electricity your home uses (or how much utility usage you want to offset)
  • Angle, pitch and direction of your roof
  • Unobstructed roof/ ground space that is available

What kind of maintenance to solar panels need?

Solar panels require very little maintenance in their lifetimes. The glass, silicon and metal components are designed to last through year after year of scorching-hot sun, pouring rain, howling wind and falling hail, snow, debris, etc. There are no moving parts, and the panels are sealed and designed to be weather-tight. Nearly all modern panels come with a warranty that protects you against material defects and guarantees energy production for 25 years.

That being said, the occasional check-up or light sweeping of debris definitely won’t hurt. In winter, snow will usually slide right off your panels’ smooth surface.

How long will my system last?

When properly installed, it should last 30-40 years. Systems that were installed in the 1970’s are still fully operational today. Technology has evolved so the older systems may not be as efficient as today’s technology, but they are still functioning. Most panel warranties last 20-25 years.

What are my financing options?

As with any big purchase, you have options for how to pay for your home solar power system. For example, you can buy it upfront with cash, finance the cost of the system, lease to own, or you may choose to lease the system indefinitely and save on the power it generates. To help understand what options are right for you, contact us for a free home solar power quote today.

To learn more about how solar power works and our installation process follow the link below.