About Us

About Us

Matt Heenan, owner and founder of MH Electrical and Solar, has been an electrician for almost 2 decades. Since graduating from trade school, he has worked on various electrical projects. His experience in the field ranges from industrial, to commercial, to residential jobs. Although each project was an experience-builder, his passion lies in residential electrical work that provides the opportunity to work with homeowners, and smaller, local businesses to meet their electrical and green energy needs.

Mr. Heenan is a licensed Electrical Contractor and Master Electrician in several states. After years of experience on the job and achieving mastery in his field, Matt founded his own company, MH Electrical and Solar, with certain goals in mind:

  • To best serve clients across the Front Range, MH Electrical and Solar trains all of our own electricians, technicians and installation staff. This way, projects are coordinated by our own people every step of the way, ensuring the kind of results we pride ourselves on delivering. This also ensures a high employee retention rate and allows for consistent results not guaranteed by third-party contractors.
  • MH Electrical and Solar also prides itself on being a small, family-run business that can provide a personalized touch to each project and every client it serves. Not only does this personalized touch set us apart from larger companies, it also allows us to build strong working relations with local utility companies and distributors.

We are a small, family-run business and our employees have been with us since the beginning. At MH Electrical and Solar, we believe in good customer service and a strong work ethic, and have the skills and connections to get the job done. 

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